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Friday, June 17, 2011

Great News!

Hi, all. Last Tuesday marked three weeks since Jamie's accident. She is improving all the time and her doctors keep saying, "It looks promising." Jamie is able to go outside and earlier this week, she laughed. Chanda (Jamie's sister) said it wasn't like her regular laugh, it was more like she was trying to laugh. She also smiled a bit. This is HUGE news because the family hasn't seen much facial expression from her and she usually has a sad look on her face.

Today I got a text from my sister that simply said, "Jamie said "mom." I can't even imagine how wonderful that was to hear! Just reading the text from my sister moved me to tears. I posted that up on my Facebook page and Jeremy (her oldest brother) commented that she said "yeah" the other night. What?! Praise the Lord, she is talking! I've been waiting for that since they took her out of her coma.

Jamie is still doing her physical therapy and in the next couple of weeks her physical therapy will be three hours at a time instead of the 30-45 minutes that she's getting now. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for Jamie, God is answering them.

I got much of this information from Jamie's CaringBridge site. I'd like to thank Chanda for keeping that up to date. I can't wait to post more updates with news of her improvement!

Also, don't forget about the NOOK Simple Touch Raffle. Any donation above five dollars earns you a chance. If you give ten dollars, you'll be entered twice. If you give fifteen dollars, you'll be entered three times. I bet you've figured out the math by now. I'll be posting the other fundraisers that are being held in the Fountain Valley, CA area in case any of you Spuds Readers live out there and would like to attend. Thanks for stopping by!

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