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Monday, June 20, 2011

It Keeps Getting Better

I got a text from Jeremy today telling me that they took out Jamie's feeding tube. I know she must be so relieved! From what I've been told, she hated that thing and tried to pull it out herself whenever she could. She's been eating semi-solid foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice cream, and Jamba Juice. Her CaringBridge site says that she's even eaten some cupcake! That reminds me of when I was there in March for Jeremy's wedding. Chanda, Jamie, and I got to the reception place early so we could set up the cupcakes and there were many jokes and threats to steal a few cupcakes before the party even started. We didn't, but I did make sure to box up the leftovers to leave with the family, but really, for Jamie, because she loves them so much.

My mom, Jamie's grandma, says that she was able to talk on the phone with Jamie yesterday. What a blessing! She said that Jamie was easy to understand, that she just spoke slowly and softly. Of course, we all cried when we learned that Jamie was talking again. I actually managed to sleep through the night Sunday night. I was just so relieved to know that she was talking.

Jamie is such a special girl. She's always been such a sweet girl, even when she was a baby. All of my sister's children are great kids. Jeremy, Justin, Chanda, and Jamie are all smart, kind, and compassionate people. They are good looking, too! My sister and her husband, Alan, have done such a great job raising them. I joke with Cindy all the time, asking her "How did you get such great kids?" The truth is that they were blessed, but they also worked hard to teach them how to be good people. I don't know any two parents that have done a better job with their children.

This Raffle for the Nook Simple Touch is still ongoing. The winner will be announced on July 30. This page is getting tons of views, but not tons of donations. If everyone that has viewed this page has said a prayer for Jamie, I thank you. Her entire family thanks you. I truly believe that the power of prayer is healing her, slowly but surely. I am looking forward to posting more updates with Jamie's progress. Thank you for stopping by!

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